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Looking at the music industry I noticed something wasn't quite right. Why is it that labels were bringing in big bucks and sitting on huge piles of cash while artists struggle going from show to show just to make a living doing what they love. Never before has a label put the artists before themselves. It is always about making money and not about making art. Our goal with Roses as Humans is to change that by helping artists grow and live their dream without the pressures of the music business weighing them down.

We are an indie record label built by an artist for artists.  We have one goal and that is to help people make and release music to help people who are going through difficult situations.  We believe music is a great way to cope with pain and can be used as therapy.  There are many different types of music but our focus is on indie / bedroom pop styles.  This includes Indie hip-hop and spoken word poetry.  We are always striving to better our productions and help artists grow.

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