roses as humans

About Us

Imagine a world where people were perfect, roses didn’t need thorns, nothing hurt, and everything worked together for the good of each-other. This is what life was like in the beginning, perfect. It was like that until a darkness like none other came upon the world covering it like a coarse blanket. Snuffing out all perfect life. Roses grew thorns to protect themselves as humans built walls around their hearts because those who once before would admire their beauty would now try to destroy them.

Overcoming Pain wasn’t something we were suppose to ever do. But when it became necessary fortunately we were all given gifts to help us be able to summit these challenging mountains that are a part of our life. With the strength we use to overcome these challenges we can learn to change the world and this can be accomplished through your creative mind.

It’s amazing when people turn to music to get away from the daily pains of life. It always amazes me to hear someone tell their story and then put it to music. Roses as Humans is here to be a place to support and give artist the extra push they need to change the world through their stories. True vulnerability is a true sign of a humble, brave and intelligent human. We can not come close to completely changing the world if we cannot be vulnerable with the experiences and pains we have gone through.

Take a moment and reflect on your past experiences. Have you overcome the pain you feel in your life? Do you need help learning how to overcome the pain you feel? No matter which person you are Roses as Humans is here for you. To help encourage you and push you to see the world differently or to help take your mind off of the brokenness you feel and experience through music. Are you up to joining a family? A family that is like no other? Just sign up for the Roses as Humans mailing list to join this dysfunctional family that will always be here for you. We are all far from perfect but together let’s change the world.

Why You Should Join Us

We want to bring you content that you can enjoy ad free
If you're an artist we want to help you share your art with the world
We are striving to be eco-friendly and self sustaining
We support Pro Life Not Just Anti-Abortion