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    The music business can be complicated and confusing.  You have all these great ideas but no ways to share it.  You want to leave your mark on the world but how?  With all the noise around it’s hard to break through and be authentic.  Social media is on a constant mission to make people’s lives appear perfect but no-one is.

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Let's Make Music

Looking at the music industry I noticed something wasn't right. Why was it that labels were bringing in big bucks and sitting on huge piles of cash while artists struggle going from show to show just to make a living doing what they love. Never before has a label put the artists before themselves. Our goal with Roses as Humans is to change that by helping artists grow and live their dream without the pressures of the music business weighing them down. If you are an artist we would love to talk to you!

Let's Make Music

Let's Listen to Music

If you are just here because you love music that is just as cool!  We have a whole catalog of music from the artists we work with and would love it if you would check it out!  We hope it helps you in life no matter what you are going through!  Remember we are here for you and you are not alone.

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We are always trying to improve what we make and find new ways to help artists.  We need your help to be able to continue!  We have our own coffee brand that supports what we do and helps us help artists without ruining bank accounts.  If you want to support our artists grab yourself a bag of our home roasted coffee!


My Portfolio

  • Melody - Madison Raye
  • Unashamed - Patrick Freels
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