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What is Love


Anthony Terry


May 4, 2020

What does it really mean to love? Love seems to be a lost word in our society. We say we love this or we love that. We love this person or that person. We throw around this little four letter word everyday but what do we really mean when we allow our lips to form this word. Does it really mean anything? This is one of the downfalls of our English language. Certain words just seem to have blanket meanings for example we say we love pizza and we love our wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, mom or dad. But do we really mean the same thing in both cases. I sure hope we do not have the same type of love for someone in our life that we do for pizza. Why? Because humans are way more valuable than a slice of pizza. So what is the point of writing about this. The English language isn't changing and we aren't going to stop saying I love pizza because that's just how we have grown up speaking. However, when we are reading the Bible we come across the word love in many different situations and it doesn't always mean the same thing. To be able to understand what God is trying to say to us we must understand the original context. Ancient Greek had a much more meaningful vocabulary. There wasn't just one 'love'. They had a different word for each of its meanings. Let's take a minute and define a few of them so when you are reading you can begin to decifer in more detail what you are reading.

1. Eros - is a sexual love. It's the name of the Greek and Roman god of love. It's the passionate love that is based on emotions from two lovers. It is a romantic love. This is not a bad type of love, it's very important in a relationship as long as it is through the structure of marriage created by God.

2. Phileo - Is a brotherly love. This is the type of love between friendships. Two best friends that say I love you are referring to this type of love. It's a I'd die for you or do anything for you, but not romantic.

3. Storge - This is an affectionate love. Not romantic and not forced. Storage love is a natural love that is shown between family members.

4. Agape - is the most powerful form of love. It is the type of love shown to us by God. When God tells us to love everyone this is the type of love He speaks of. It's a love not ruled by romance, friendship, or family ties. This love comes from God Himself. It is a sacrificial love. This love is the embodiment of what Jesus did on the cross for our sins.

Now that we have talked about four types of love. You can examine your life and see how you love different people. Are the ways you love pleasing to God or are they misguided? Reflect on this question this week and pray that God will teach you to love like He does.

Anthony Terry
Anthony Terry