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Scars - Behind the Song


Anthony Terry


May 11, 2020

This is a song I wrote that is very raw and emotional. If you haven’t heard it please go give it a listen before you continue reading this. This song dives into the emotions you feel when someone important in your life leaves. It’s not an easy topic and I know it is very relatable among many people. I hope that if you are struggling right now you know that you will get through this and you are not alone. Every wound you get whether physical or emotional hurts but they heal. You may not heal to be how you were before, some wounds leave behind scars. This scar is a reminder of the past. We are left with two choices of what to do with this reminder, we can either sulk around in depression about this new scar we have accumulated or we can let it grow us and move on to become a stronger human being. We have to know that we won’t be the same and that’s okay. It is hard to move on and to get up and continue living. But life isn’t about the past, we are made to live in the present and we can be much happier when we learn to not live in the future or past but in the here and now. How can you move on from whatever situation you are facing? Maybe what you need is to hand over the pain to God and let Him carry your burden. I’m still learning how to embrace my scars. I need to learn that these scars can be trophies and not burdens. I need to see that God has a better plan for me than the girl who is no longer there. The first step in recovering from heartbreak is acceptance. Once you recognize what your problem is you can get a grip on the reality of what you need to do or ask to heal. I hope this has helped you. I know writing this song was hard for me but important for growth.

Anthony Terry
Anthony Terry