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My Heart Hurts


Anthony Terry


June 1, 2020

My heart hurts for people who hurt. Those who face injustice. Those who suffer because of what they look like or what they believe. I wasn’t going to weigh in on this but it’s gotten to a point where there are so much anger and hatred being brought from this situation that I feel we need a little hope in this dark time. People are being murdered by those who are supposed to be protecting us. Now people are fighting for peace by ransacking city’s, destroying property, and being disrespectful to fellow men and women. This is not a solution. You can’t make a bad situation right with retaliation and backlash. We should protest, I think everyone should write, call email their local officials and fight for change. Take up a sign and protest, peacefully, not obstructing other humans trying to enjoy their freedoms. We must hold our cops, government, and others in positions with authority responsible. We can’t let them become over the law. But in doing this we can’t go and do evil and expect that to fix the system. Yes, we live in an imperfect society. I acknowledge horrific things happen to black people and America shouldn’t stand by and watch it happen. However, I don’t think white people need to apologize for being white. It’s not your fault you’re the color you are. In fact, that doesn’t matter. What matters is the way you treat your neighbor. The only people who should apologize are those racists who are killing and hurting and demoralizing others.

The underlying issue isn’t the police. The underlying issue isn’t the protests. The police aren’t evil. Protesters aren’t evil. People are. People are selfish and evil and it leads to dividing communities. There is always something coming between people and our government and media are exploiting these faults to keep America divided. This isn’t a war between white and black or cop and protester. This is a deeper issue it’s a spiritual war between good and evil. As this country slips farther and farther from God people are demonstrating our human nature and making it an unsafe place for everyone. The solution isn’t the riots, it isn’t the government. The only solution is Jesus. Without the love of Christ people don’t change. This country needs a revival to unite together black, white, yellow, red. We are all created by God, unique but equal. We need to stop promoting violence and share the word of God. Without God and the change, He can provide we won’t heal. This nation will continue to suffer. I pray God will be made know through this and we can unite in the commonality of Jesus.

The solution won’t come through protests or even government regulations. The solution came 2,000 years ago and died on a cross. We are all sinful humans and we are all prideful. Pride is what got us to where we are. I pray Jesus will humble Americans and allow us to see past our own nose. It’s important to live humbly and without humility, we will never have true freedom. We need a revival not about black people, not about white people, a revival not about people; but Jesus. If we turn to Christ all of the other injustices will fall away. Without Christ, we will continue to live in darkness. Let’s show the world the Light. Pray with me this week that Jesus will be seen and people will repent and humble themselves at the foot of the cross. This is how we will change America, it’s the only way. Let’s pray for the protection of our community, everyone on the front lines, and for our freedom. Thank God for what He is doing and ask Him to use you to further His plan!

Anthony Terry
Anthony Terry