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Holy Week


Anthony Terry


April 13, 2020

This week begins our remembrance of Jesus' last week on planet earth as a human. Before you continue reading I strongly encourage you to go read John 12:12-19 in your Bible. In my Bible this section of scripture is entitled "The Triumphal Entry". Jesus rides into Jerusalem on a donkey and a whole lot of people showed up placing their cloaks and palm branches in front of Him as He passed them. This may seem odd to you that people would remove their jackets to lay on the ground and wave palm branches, but this was a gesture of welcoming Jesus to them. Palm branches are a symbol of victory and the Jews were excited to have victory in Jesus. The people were shouting Hosanna, which is an expression of adoration, praise, or joy. The streets were alive with celebration and excitement. However, I don't think the excitement was in the right place. These people gathered weren't celebrating our Savior coming to take away our sins, they were ready for Jesus to overthrow the Roman government and free them from their oppressive rulers. This misplaced excitement turned into hatred and people yelling crucify Him by the end of the week. Palm Sunday, or the Triumphal Entry, is the beginning of many interesting events leading up to Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection. I'd like to encourage you to continue reading and see what you can discover that may be new to you in the events that took place in this Holy Week. One take away from this passage I find is when we celebrate Jesus coming into our lives is our heart right? Do we invite Him in for selfish reasons because we think He is like a genie and going to give us what we desire? Or do we invite Him in because He is our perfect creator who is holy and deserves our praise and we humble ourselves before Him and come to Him in repentance? I think these are very important things for us to ponder this week. To wrap this up I want you to answer this one question, Who is Jesus?

Anthony Terry
Anthony Terry