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Happy Pride Month


Anthony Terry


June 15, 2020

 It’s funny how much emphasis our culture puts on pride. We apparently even have a whole month to celebrate it. Well, I guess saying it like that will make people unhappy because this month is called pride month but you can’t celebrate any pride just pride of a non-straight sexual orientation. We are divided by what we find our pride in. Some people are proud to be Americans while others seem to hate everything ideologically American. Some people are proud to be queer while others are proud to be straight. Right or wrong we are a prideful generation. We may even be so prideful to not see how other people can have other ideas than we do and those ideas may be just as valuable as ours.

 At the core, we have an issue. We can’t fix it by telling people God hates you because you’re gay. Or by saying you don’t have rights because you’re trans. God loves all of His creation that includes those people. It’s not very Christian like to judge another’s actions. God is the perfect judge and one day everyone will be judged before our Lord. I think we are to share with others the Love of Christ and the condition we have that’s dragging us to our death, sin. It’s not unloving to share with someone how they are sinful and need Jesus. If you have a disease that’s going to kill you and I had the cure wouldn’t it be loving of me to share it. I think the most loving action a Christian who believes in heaven and hell could take is telling others about Jesus, the cure to our imminent death. Christians get a lot of backlash for sharing their beliefs and are called closed-minded but I think every time they speak about what they believe they speak outta love.

 Earlier I said we had a core issue bigger than homosexuality or any other sexual immorality. It’s a pride issue. I believe pride is the root of all evil. If we don’t learn to humble ourselves as a nation we will find destruction. This verse from proverbs talks about the destruction of pride.

When pride comes, disgrace follows, but with humility comes wisdom.

Proverbs 11:2 HCSB

 The only way for us to grow as the United States of America is through humility. I believe if we could humble ourselves and see that we don’t always have to be right then we can find some common ground to unite on. We don’t have to agree on everything but being proud brings nothing good. I hope we can humble ourselves this week to see where others are coming from and learn to love and respect our neighbors even if we don’t always agree with them.

Anthony Terry
Anthony Terry