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Christianity and Harry Potter


Anthony Terry


September 7, 2020

Witchcraft, Wizardry and the enchanted world of Harry Potter.  As a follower of Jesus is it okay for me to watch and read things like Harry Potter?  The simple answer I believe is yes.  Let me explain where I come from and what I see in the Bible as I read.  If you have a different point of view feel free to share your opinion I would love to hear and discuss it.  The Bible warns about witchcraft, sorcery, mediums and people of that nature and talks about avoiding them and not becoming apart of what they do and believe.  (Exodus 22:18, Deuteronomy 18:10, Leviticus 20:6, Revelation 21:8 etc.)  With these warnings it appears to be evil to involve yourself with these practices which I agree with because the Bible is never wrong.  Now if this is wrong you may wonder how I could possibly say watching Harry Potter is okay.  Let me counter you with this, do you watch Lord of the Rings or the Hobbit or even Narnia?  You may say yes but can you give me a good reason why those are okay and Harry Potter isn't? People justify those stories because they are written by Christians but they involve the same sorts of magic and wizards and witchcraft.  So what could possibly be the difference between those stories and Harry Potter.  Really the only difference is the author.  So why do some people pick and chose which of these stories are okay?  I think that gets into legalistic thinking and making justifications to make them feel better about watching something.  My belief is when the Bible talks about witchcraft it is referring to what is real.  Yes sorcery, witchcraft and mediums exist.  Not just in books and movies but in real life.  They don’t look like as they’re portrayed in the movies but they are dangerous.  This is what the Bible warns us about.  I don’t think watching or reading a fictional story is dangerous as long as you approach it knowing it’s just a story.  I believe the Bible just warns us about the things in this world that are real and dangerous.  If watching Harry Potter makes you uncomfortable and you think it’s bad then don’t watch it.  But if you believe it’s fine then go ahead and watch it.  However, if you don’t get anything else from this post take this to heart; don’t let the issue of Harry Potter or any other fictional story create a divide between the relationship between you and another brother or sister in Christ.  It’s not that important to end relationships.  If it tears you and someone apart it becomes a problem and that’s when it can become bad and evil.

Anthony Terry
Anthony Terry